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Write me at jramakris (at) gmail.com or use the form below. 


- If you're looking for a writer. I cover literature (book reviews, interviews, and essays) and culture from a seriously international perspective. As someone who has lived in the U.S. (New York and New Orleans plus plenty of familiarity with the other coast), Latin America, Asia, and Europe, the range of areas I'm able to cover is expansive, as are my cultural reference points. My work can be seen here.

- If you need help shaping your own writing projects. I coach and guide writers. I am especially strong at helping with non-fiction book proposals. I'm a graduate of the impossible-to-get-into Book Seminar at Columbia Journalism School and can assist with writing and edits at any stage of the process. Write me to see how we can work together!

- If you're looking for sharper web, print or social media stories or an all-round content strategy. I do copywriting for a variety of different clients.

Write me at jramakris (at) gmail.com or use the form below. 



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